JACL NY Annual Meeting – Karen Korematsu

Video of Karen Korematsu’s speech from October 14th, 2017, at the JACL-NY Annual Meeting. Karen provided inspiration as we we headed down the road towards the Fred T. Korematsu Day Hearing on October 25th.

Karen Korematsu, Founder and Executive Director of the
Fred T. Korematsu Institute
“My Family Legacy and Civil Rights Activism”
JACL-NY Annual Meeting, JAA Hall, NY 10/14/2017

Thank you Ken Aragaki for your generosity in filming this event for us, and thank you Karen Korematsu for carrying on a great legacy and being a true champion for equality and justice!

Karen Korematsu is the daughter of the late Fred T. Korematsu, a civil rights activist who in 1942, defied government authorities and challenged the constitutionality of the incarceration of people of Japanese descent during WW2 by refusing to go willingly to the U.S. Government Concentration Camps.

Our community was very pleased to have Karen Korematsu speak and help build momentum towards a very successful hearing for a Resolution to officially establish a Fred T. Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution in NYC. The hearing was held on October 25th, at City Hall before the NYC Council Committee on Cultural Affairs Affairs with a tremendous amount of support from NYC’s diverse communities!

The Korematsu Institute is a national organization dedicated to education and raising awareness in order to preserve the rights of all people who face injustice. For more information about the Korematsu Institute and the life and legacy of Fred T. Korematsu, please visit www.korematsuinstitute.org

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